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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rachel update

A few weeks ago, Rachel experienced two episodes of a "sound spike" in her right implant. Hard to explain but similar to an electrical or sound surge that was very loud and uncomfortable. The culprit seems to be her coil, which we promptly replaced. What was odd, was that when we took her to Children's to have the internal processor checked, they needed to put a spacer on her coil for the computer to be able to get feedback from her internal component. She never needed a spacer before, so that was concerning. And a mystery which has thus far, avoided explaination.

A Cochlear rep came and she did an integrity test on Rachel's right internal processor. Since her map is very unusual, the readings from the test were also unusual, but the rep felt that they were in compliance with her map, and that nothing showed up as being a problem. She is going to have the engineers take a look at the results though, and give us a more thorough answer later. Mystery spacer aside, since replacing the coil, Rachel has not had any other incidents of the sound spike, so we are keeping cautiously optimistic that the problem is solved.


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