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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Bless You

Sometimes people ask me if Rachel hears better now that she has two implants. I think that would be YES. The other day, she and I were downstairs. She was playing on the computer, and I was reading. The computer game was making its normal noises, although quietly, since I prefer to read in a quiet environment. If you know our basement, it is L shaped, with the computers in the Long part of the L, and the door at the top of the short part of the L. Basically, her back was to the door, and it was around the corner from where she sat. The door was open, and Ed was upstairs, directly above us. He was watching TV, and going through tissues because he had a cold. Then he sneezed. Rachel turned to me and said "Bless you." Huh. She heard that. I told her that it was her dad who sneezed, and she said she thought it sounded kinda quiet. I think it even surprised her that she heard him. She then ran upstairs to bless him.

Yes, I'm pretty sure she hears better now than she did before.


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