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Friday, April 24, 2009

My matress is 11 years old

Eleven years ago, I was at home eating dinner and waiting for the mattress company to deliver the new mattress we ordered. I was also 1 week shy of my due date to deliver our third child. Shortly after dinner, as I was relaxing and watching tv with my oldest, my water broke. Oh dear. My husband was at the gym, and our middle child was playing at the neighbor's house. What to do first? Track down the husband? Call the grandmothers? Coordinate with the neighbor to keep the middle child overnight? No. Call the mattress company.

The terms of the delivery were that it would arrive between 5:00 and 9:00 that evening. I called the warehouse, and got a somewhat snotty man on the phone. I politely asked him if he knew when the mattress would be delivered. He asked me when it was supposed to be delivered. I promptly answered "Between 5:00 and 9:00." He then shot back "Then it will be there before 9:00." I sweetly replied "You don't understand. There are extenuating circumstances here. I am 9 months pregnant, and my water just broke. We will be heading to the hospital VERY soon. So, when EXACTLY will the mattress be delivered?" He was no longer snotty. After a couple of uhs and uhms he asked me to wait just a minute. After a very short wait on hold, he came back on the line and informed me that the delivery people would be there within 20 minutes. "Thank you very much." They were there in 10, and out in 5, and they didn't want me anywhere near them. Apparently their contract specified that they only had to deliver mattresses, not babies.

Rachel was born a couple of hours later. Happy birthday baby.